Spring Awakening – 5 Ways

Some times you can feel the weight of the world approaching and it wont give you a reason why. It’s accompanied by those days where waking up seemed like the most stressful you had to do in your life or where productivity is obsolete. This is the exact feeling I get when Spring makes her debut for the year. It means it’s time for revitalizing. Dive into these quick and easy 5 ways to get a refresher course on “spring cleaning”.

  1. Intention. Set clear intentions before starting anything. This will aid in remaining focused and decrease your chances of unnecessary work.

  2. Cleanse. No not one of those unrealistic cold turkey juice cleanses that some people’s (ME) bodies can’t handle so abrubtly. A simple cleanse of eliminating a toxic ingredient you consume will do the trick. Its one step towards making conscience decisions about all of the others you aren’t aware thus ridding them all.

  3. Give. In the light of the trend of minimalism, give it a shot. Create a deadline for each space in your life that needs a little decluttering specifically your wardrobe. The weather has changed and before you change your closet around and pack Winter away, sift through each piece and if there is no need to keep it donate it.

  4. Walk. Nature is also going through an awakening and now that the harshness of winter has let up pick a time to go on a stroll everyday. A dose of vitamin D from the sun (enhances that melanin) and some music (bonus: listen to meditations ) should do the trick. 30mins is all you need! Make it fun and invite your friends to tag along.

  5. Journal. Even if it’s just to write a couple reflections from the day or creating a list of goals, writing your thoughts down provides clarity. Seeing words physically on paper makes them real. The 5 Minute Journal is an amazing journal companion for a quick dose of gratitude to start/end your day with.

Change is good (cliche, cliche). But revamping a few things can aid in testing the waters if a total transformation is scary. What steps have you taken to awaken your Spring?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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