Good Read – Love, Freedom, Aloneness

Listening to The Friend Zone, I often hear Fran quote gems from someone named Osho. These quotes are always profound and they leave me switching perspectives on things I was certain on especially when it came to my demeanor. On a trip to the bookstore after yoga I ventured psychology saw a collection of books by  Osho. And that was the beginning  of my love affair with his words.

Love, Freedom, Aloneness – The Koan of Relationships 

I was immediately drawn after the first paragraph when I read the phrase “love yourself”. The epitome of the “Your A Badass” which I loved so much. I knew this book was the one I should read first.

Osho talks about each element in the title lives among one another, how they interrelate. he even got real with how very opposite of love is politics (go figure) and just how easy is it to break man down with the fabrication of love. He’s sure that we’ve been taught he wrong ways to give and receive love that is not pure in return to show us how to get there. For sure I felt a shift in my own love dynamic and it’s amazing.

Quoted :

“Love is a device, a method to kill you as a separate individual and help you become infinite”

“Find the law of existence and follow it”

“Your longing to be one is your spiritual desire, our vert essential, religious nature. Its just that you are focusing on the wrong spot”

“Let your love lover be just and experience of a greater love – the love for he whole existence”

What have you been reading?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace




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