You Lost Me at Affirm Your Mantra

Ever take a yoga class and the teacher drops a guided mediation segment in? And then you hear “mantra of your choice, quietly affirm yourself on your next breath cycle”. All types of crazy looks all over the classroom is you right? Or was that just me? I’ve never been so lost. What did my teacher mean?

*literally me*

Instead of me raising my hand to interrupt the flow I quietly waited for everyone to break out of meditation by doing sun salutations. The amazing thing about yoga classes is that you have the freedom to practice to your ability and due to the fact that I wasn’t aware of how to “affirm myself” my teacher was okay with me not following along. After my class I immediacy rushed home to look up said mantras and affirmations.

Research as follows: 

mantra/ : a word, statement, or sound that aids in meditation

  • “man” = mind “tra” = transport

affirmation/ : emotional support or encouragement

My mind was blown that I already knew what was happening and missed out on the opportunity to indulge in such a crucial part of me practicing yoga. I give myself pep talks lost everyday in the mirror before I start my day and it’s by far the best form of  self care I can provide for me.


As always shed laters, give light, and feel  peace


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