Minimalism – Empty Inbox

Phase 3 of my journey to minimalism  is all about removing the clutter from all of my inboxes. I tend to end up with tons of emails or paper mail not even opening it’s contents. It begins an overload to the point where I’ve ignored it and can you imagine the amount of


I have 3 different email accounts (professional, business, recreational) so my inbox piles up having them all synced to my devices. So far these habits have aided in calming the storm:

  • Get rid of any subscriptions that you don’t necessarily read or use
  • Say “no thank you” to email hagglers when shopping
  • Make sure to go to bed with an empty, read all inbox
  • Responses are archived if important for future references

Then I realized that I really only need one email and find a reason to use all of its amenities like folders, document storage, calendar, tables, and color coordination systems. Creating more than one email made it harder to keep track. It’s going to take some time to bring everything back to one place but once it’s done you wont go crazy logging into multiple places at one time. I truly believe that Google is the champion for this.


The amount of bills that get sent my house is just crazy but of course I’m not the only one. Going forward all of my bank statements or bills are set to go paperless. Now there are some cases I cannot, I make sure to shred and either take the paper someplace it can be used as packing paper or recycle it.

My last minimalism challenge was clearing clutter from my closet, have you tried it?


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