January Curator’s Love – What To Leave in 2016

Congratulations! We’ve come to complete yet another full cycle around the sun. Before we start to torture ourselves with what didn’t happen last year, lets focus on being grateful for obtaining another chance to try it again. Out of the billions of people in the world you made the elite club to do so.

In order for you to prosper the forthcoming year, leave these self destructing habits in 2016:

  1. The Lack of Self Love 

The amount of energy and time we waste on others is the very reason why we are not reaching goals. Put that effort in yourself and you will notice how much you can actually get done when you focus on you.

2.  Weighing In on The Losses

Always count the small victories. These are the steps you are making to accomplish the big  kahuna. Things take time and the closer you get you should celebrate every inch of the way

3.   Comparing Yourself to Others

Use people as inspiration or guides, not to fault where you should be in life. Your path will be different, so take their examples and accomplish even more!

4.   Feeding Into Negativity 

Good vibes only! Make sure to keep all of the bad juju away from you. Steer clear of negative energy as well as people. Its the most effective way to keep you where you are (marinate on that). You will never move forward

5.  Doubting Your Own Endeavors

If you don’t believe in yourself who will? No one will take you serious with your new prototype if you aren’t even hype about it. The lack of confidence in yourself shows and it will take a toll on all aspects of your life, including how you will be treated

6.  Neglecting Your Mental Well Being 

They key component in true human harmony aside from body & soul is the mind. And when one or the other is off (especially the mind), disarray is near. Get your mind right in order to maintain your body and soul and watch the universes shift for you.

7. Not Being Prepared 

Rappers who own their craft will always be ready to spit bars when the opportunity presents itself. Its go time. Abraham Lincoln says “failure to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Subtracting these following  habits will protect your  year.

Taren Stewart

As always shed layers, give light, feel at peace



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