Saving Money Effectively

Let’s be all the way real he coins just haven’t been flowing through my bank account like I need them to. I have some things brewing but until I take off I learned that saving money will put me in a better position. I’m striving for the 3 Comma Club in savings and this is how I’m (slowly) achieving this goal through Myliek’s suggestions:

  1. Quality over Quantity. In other words, stop buying quick cheap things. I cannot explain how many times I’ve continuously bought items I don’t use. Not to mention food. Invest in that nice pair of jeans that can stand a few wears a week for years to come. Stop buying loafs of bread  (Myliek I feel you) when ou barely make sandwhiches
  2. Savings Account. Grab one with interest. There are some accounts that place money in your account because it holds a certain amount. Set aside a couple dollars as soon as you get paid to get direct deposited into that account. And don’t think about it. Don’t spend it, ever.
  3. Go without. See how much money you save if you practice yoga at home, or take public transportation, or cancel some monthly memberships.

Within 5 years I think I can hit the 3 Comma Club! How do you save money?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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