Sunday Kind Of Love : Get Reacquainted With Yourself

Sometimes there is a need to take alone time. You may need to debrief after ending a relationship, leaving a job, removing a friend, or just stress in general.  There a numerous benefits to just hanging out with yourself and its vital to growth and self reflection. My favorite benefit is the time to dedicate to reset my focus.


We tend to loose sight of ourselves all of the time especially if were trying to uphold a certain image  or mindset. Getting back to focusing on dreams and other goals are now priorities. Use this alone time to really go after what you really want.

Fully access what is needed that you can already provide for yourself. Always look within first before craving it elsewhere. You are the first person you go to for comfort

When I find that I need to get reacquainted with myself I like to find the biggest mug I have in the cabinet and make big cup of tea. It makes me warm and cozy. And to top it all off I’ll add a bowl of fruit and my favorite movie to seal the deal. I’ll take out a journal and write out new intentions and go from there.

How do you like to reacquaint yourself with yourself?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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