34 Things to Be Grateful For

I’m one for showing gratitude daily no matter the current circumstance. I could be having the worst day and I bet you I will ind something good out of it. In no particular order I thought I’d share the little things I’m grateful literally each day I wake up :

  1. tea
  2. the chance to wake up every day
  3. the sun
  4. kind humans
  5. all four seasons
  6. the possibility to change
  7. books
  8. romance
  9. family
  10. colors
  11. love
  12. conversation
  13. emotions
  14. green initiatives
  15. my ancestors for being brave to fight a fight for others to come after them
  16. soups
  17. a really god pen
  18. journals
  19. Naani (my puppy)
  20. music
  21. cozy blankets
  22. my partner in love
  23. creative innovative minds
  24. spirituality
  25. meditation
  26. affirmations
  27. writers
  28. new friends
  29. forgiveness
  30. opportunities to learn
  31. hand written letters
  32. photographs
  33. sunflowers
  34. food that is nourishing to the body

There are far more that can obviously fit on this list to continue forever, but why not be random and pick 34?

What are somethings you have to be thankful for?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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