365 Days of 22 – What I’ve Learned

It’s my new year, earth day, birthday! I’m usually never this excited but being 22 has taught me so much that I’m ready for 23. But it was not easy getting here and I definitely learned a ton of things that will more than likely stick with me as continue to grow.

  • In the end you only have YOU
  • “I don’t know it all and that’s okay” – @ZNajeeba from BGIO
  • Always show gratitude to the universe
  • Being spiritual is your relationship with whichever source power you believe in
  • Hair grows back, cutting it is okay
  • Walk like you already live the life you’ve always wanted
  • Your surroundings affect you like how software uploads can cause viruses
  • Loving yourself feels amazing

While this list is basic conscious human realizations, I’m glad I have this much figured out at 23. Some realize all of this too late for it not to motivate them to make changes. I really think my soul skipped a couple decades but no doubt I’m supposed to be apart of this one. I hope my next 365 days are as fulfilling and eye opening at the last. Happy Birthday to me!

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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