Minimalism – Decluttering Closets

The first part of my minimalism journey is to declutter my closets. I’ve gained about 40lbs this past year and in result of course my clothes didn’t fit anymore.  My partner thought I should just keep the clothes just in case I lose weight (as if) but I’m enjoying the weight actually. Im comfortable in this skin so I can live without them. And on top of that they were taking up closet real estate.

As I’ve stated before, things hold memories and my clothes are huge part of my memories. I, like most of us do, fell into the whole comercial facade that clothing creates the experience ages ago and then I realized how much it consumed my life. Its okay to love clothes but to understand that you make the clothes, they don make you is a hard concept to come by now.

 Pile Method

I  created 4 piles to make this easier since I was convinced that I didn’t need to get rid of anything.


  • Pile #1can’t fit. I have friends who love my “sense of style” (crazy them, but it is appreciated) and so Pile #1 goes to my friends who are smaller than me.
  • Pile #2 keeps. A couple items did fit. I managed to realize my new color scheme in this pile. I found myself leaning towards blue/olive/tan/burnt orange/black.
  • Pile #3 trial run. New rule! If I don’t wear a particular item more than once in a month (excluding seasonal) It doesn’t hold a permanent space in my wardrobe. Next step was to research a capsule wardrobe.
  • Pile #4donate. I will NEVER throw away items people can use, I help those in need.

Letting go of clothing was a huge step for me. But I had to realize that not only was my love for “fashion” was fun, it was costly and time consuming. I decided to only purchase things that were necessary for my lifestyle and what I like not because its a ‘trend’. I encourage everyone to asses their closets. Make it fun and have a swap party!  Nonetheless just enjoy knowing that you are closer to happiness by letting go things that do not matter.

As always shed layer, give light, feel peace


3 thoughts on “Minimalism – Decluttering Closets

  1. Amy says:

    I just got rid of a whole heap of clothes. I, too, had been holding on to them should I loose weight. Maybe one day I will be that size again some day, I don’t know. What I do know is that they weren’t motivating me to loose weight (just making me feel bad) and we’re getting in my way. It was difficult. It took me along time to get around to doing it. One thing that made it easier was that most of the clothes were from bygone corporate days, even if I did fit them, I’d no need to wear them anyway.


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