Curator’s Love (Editors Letter) : November

This month I’m dedicating to the abundance of self love. I’ve been in a rut lately due to failed relationship dynamics that I was going through the dirt to save, and then I realized that I will receive what I dish to myself. One cannot love someone if they do not love themselves. I wasn’t showing myself the type of dynamic I wanted from any partner I was choosing to have in any relationship type.

Give yourself credit for how amazing you can be to people by being amazing to yourself. Respect yourself as a human being, who has a soul, who loves hard, who hurts, who heals, and loves all over again. Do that for you first.

For the Scorpio New Moon I set intentions on

  • healthy relationships for my higher good
  • healthy relationship within myself
  • learning my “flaws” are what makes me and if a partner in a relation doesn’t understand then I don’t need it in my essence
  • trusting myself creatively


November Mantra : The universe is just waiting on my effort. Once good intentions are set and executed, good juju will come my way.

Look out for this month’s Spotify playlist. It’s filled with all types of feel goods for singing to yourself in the mirror!

Taren Stewart



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