October Favorites!

Totally not ashamed to say that I faithfully binge watch Beauty Gurus on YouTube to seek out new things to try when they post their monthly favorites. So I thought why not list my favorites for the month with a twist? These are all of my favorite things this month aiding in my self help and wellness journey.

1. #ASeatAtATheTable. Solange (secretly my mom) dropped an album Sept.30 and its amazing. I absolutely love it and can’t get enough of it. I’ve declared it the offspring of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. A few of her tracks will more thank likely end up on a future playlist of mine. I like to set the mood this album now. It puts me a whole different realm.


2. 5 Min Journal App. Trying to journal more and more each day has got so much easier for me on the go. I do have a physical journal where I write goals, what happened for the day, or just random conversations with myself but this app helps me set intentions. Having a digital journal to create daily affirmations, and express gratitude is allowing me to be aware of the present moment more often.


3. Bentonite Clay. Learning to listen to my body on an extensive level has caused me to care for it in better ways. I’ve added this clay in a mask routine once a week sometimes two and my skin loves it. The healing properties made this clay well worth 5 trips to different Vitamin Shoppes to find it.


4. San Pellegrino. Soda and I don’t get along, and we never had come to think about it. I had a friend who would order San Pellegrino whenever we out to eat. She’s fancy and adds lemons or lime and I thought it was so chic so I tried it and have been hooked ever since. Can’t wait to start adding different fruits for heathy recipes. Healthy tip : get rid of sodas, grab bottle of this and add some fruit!


5. Fooducate. Listening to The Friend Zone you get a wellness tip every episode and this app was mentioned as “needed”. It literally saves my life while grocery shopping allowing me to choose healthier options and opening my eyes to the skeptical natural ingredients I think I’m purchasing.


What have you been loving on this month?

As always shed layers, give light, feel free



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