Dreams Explained – Buildings

Have you ever had a dream that shook your bones and you wanted to know what it meant? I’d dream the most vivid dreams and try to figure out what is that symbolic for in my reality. After catching up on my daily dose of Casey Budd on YouTube (modern day television), I caught wind of her dream documentary. It was so cool and it sparked a light inside me, why not decode my own dreams? I set out to purchase a dream dictionary and I was excited to start.

Last night I had this dream where I was tagging along what seemed like business trips through construction sites with a faceless boss lady. Maybe I was her assistant or maybe I owned the sites (let’s go with that) but I couldn’t help but remember the details in each building we visited. They were tall, black, glossy buildings in the midst of all this dirt, and rubble. The epitome of diamond in the ruff. They were breath taking.

Buildings, depending on its condition, represent your shadow aspect of self, how you feel about yourself, The dwelling of the soul”

 It was like a big fat “duhhh” was slapped on my forehead. My life is under construction but I see my beauty. I get it now. I am a masterpiece that’s still a work in progress.

Have you ever decoded your dreams? Find out what they mean with the  Dream Cloud dictionary. Use keywords to decipher what your dreams are telling you. 

As always shed layers, give light, feel free.


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