Sunday Kind of Love: Because You Need A Break.

Raise your hand if you often neglect to shut out the world  even its for just an hour (not including sleep) and just tend to yourself. Its so easy to lose sight of you when you aren’t even a priority to yourself. The perfect formula is as follows:

DND. (Do Not Disturb)

Completely shut down everything that is a distraction. Let your family and friends know “hey I need some me time, I’ll check you later”, send the kids on play date, cut off your devices, television and anything else that will keep you away from you!

Strip Tease.

Come home and literally strip. Find your most comfortable pair of jammies. Clothing has symbolic feelings, like that special shirt you sleep in from your special someone. I like to grab a silky kimono, they make me feel really fancy and luxurious even when I have on sweats underneath. Just place your body in anything that is equivalent to the rainbow after the storm.

Set The Mood.

Candles, incense, or even better an aromatherapy oil diffuser (on my wish list). Have some of your favorite music in the background going. Grab any weapons to take control of this situation. Set up the ultimate self love fest.


After you’ve created the perfect ambiance, dive into self massaging or read that book that you’ve been dying to read. Paint a self portrait, journal gratitude and reflections to the universe. Whatever allows you to love you more, you have my permission to partake in it.


How do you self love? You’ll notice the universe shift with you while you connect to yourself. 

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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