Podcast Roundup 002


The Friend Zone – Forgive? Or Forget It?

This episode weighs in heavy on some really crucial topics in the world including rape, politics, and forgiveness but in the african american limelight  How does one move forward after trauma? All things surrounding self help and the reason why we need podcasts like these.


Wellness Takeaway: Find ways to be advocate, but never be silent.

Have you seen Birth of A Nation? Who are you allowing to sit in the White House for 4 years? Do you need to move on from a traumatic event that has happened and hindered your personal growth? 


Black Girl In OmTen Things We Know For Sure 

Lauren & Zakkiyah discuss gems on gems on gems! In honor of their 10th episode the ladies talk about things that they know have manifested for them, how they’ve grown as an amazing organization as well as personally within themselves.

Wellness Takeaways: 

  • Seasons are necessary…..
  • “If I don’t know, its okay” – Zakkiyah
  • Take your time, there is the ability for sustainability with yourself while creating
  • Be bold withing yourself
  • “Don’t take wooden nickles” – Lauren’s grandma

What are some things you know for sure?

460_10265213#MyTaughtYouA Letter For Late Bloomers & Comparison (older episode)

The Curl Box founder and just a mogul of a lady boss gets mad real with a woman who feels like she’s at a standstill with life. Just asking for advice Myleik laid out how comparing yourself isn’t going to get you far and how so many successful people are “late bloomers”.  Age doesn’t matter when you really want to succeed. This podcast is so needed for entrepreneurs but for women especially. My is the epitome of the ultimate example.

Wellness Takeaway: Change your mindset for success.

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others for good or a personal beating?

She’s Beauty And The Beast – Befriending This Bitch Named Anxiety

Newbie to the podcast world but a very familiar face when it comes to media outlets, Tracy G has become a  staple in my podcast directory. When your very first episode is crazy good, come on manifestation! I felt myself mentally snapping like I was at an open mic during a performance. I’m giving no spoilers because I’ll her speak for her show when you listen

Wellness Takeaway: Take some time for you when things get hectic

How do you beat anxiety? 

Check out last week’s round up, catch up on seasoned podcasts in my directory (which is constantly being updated)  and of course tune in for next week’s conversations on the airways……

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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