Dear Francheska (HeyFranHey)

There are people all over the world who resonate with me. I tend to take their awesome qualities that make them a person and apply them to myself. Sounds crazy? But its how I’ve become a better me. Without these examples of how to actually be sane, I doubt I’ll even be here let alone have the courage to thank them.

So there’s this amazing soul I connect with on deeper levels that I can’t explain. She’s been one of my top wellness gurus from the start of her wellness journey and ignited the fire in mine. The epitome of “beautiful” inside and out has become her. Thank You Francheska.


You have a light that carries for miles

You have gems that the world needs

Bringing awareness to the dark corners we swore off

Showing us all how to overcome them.

You seek truth through experience

You guide to recovery

Souls wish to dance with yours, with grace, and with power

One thrives off beautiful beams with courage

Simply divine

You have a light that carries for miles

Once you’ve got a grip on her you’ll understand why I adore her. Check out Hey Fran Hey for everything under the sun containing wellness.

Catch up with Fran on her podcast The Friend Zone,  YouTubetwitter and instagram too!

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace.








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