Listen To Your Body: Connecting Your Awareness

Without being completely aware, your body sends you signals all of the time. And there are some that we listen to and most that we don’t. No signal is too small of a deal to pay attention to, seriously. People have ignored their bodies long enough to let depression linger and cause damage (yes its that deep). Now I’m not saying go self diagnosing yourself from every little signal your body is giving off because you will turn into one of those crazy people. Just simply do your research.


Deepak Chopra (probably one of my favorites next to Osho) reminds us that the mind, BODY, and soul are all connected in one big harmony. The discomfort you experience is the crucial feedback your body is giving you when there is disconnect between those three components. I cannot stress, especially as a woman how we must take care of ourselves. Everyone really just simply take care of your body.

Basic ways to pay attention to your body more:

  1. Give your body what it needs and wants. This includes nutrition based on your needs and deficiencies and physical activities.
  2. Dont deny any feelings you feel when you’re in a vibe thats unfamiliar or you dislike. You have every right to feel the way you feel at all times
  3. Enjoy spontaneity and invite new adventures for your body, and that can mean literally anything and everything you can think of. (your mind can definitely go in the gutter on this one, you have my permission)

All this to say this:

Yes to balance, no to imbalance.

Yes to moderation, no to excess.

Yes to regular rhythms in activity, no to erratic schedules.

Yes to deep rest at regular intervals, no to lack of sleep.

Yes to being in your comfort zone, no to constant stress.

-Deepak Chopra

How do you find ways to reconnect to your body bringing awareness and harmony to your mind & soul?

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace


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