Podcast Round Up- 001

Podcasts  have literally been my life for the past 2 months, I just can’t stop binge listening.  And since I’ve put you guys on to my favorites I figured why not bring the conversation here? So for this week’s round up:

The Friend Zone – New Levels New Devils (catch up guys, this podcast is so good)

Shameless Mya (obsessed with her too) who is an amazing human being but the way, guest  hosted this week’d podcasts and it was eye opening. The crew talk about sacrifices, to have better focus and the challenges you face even when you’re happy.

Mental Wellness Takeaway: Clear your path of success from unnecessary self inflicted distractions. The universe works in your favor if you allow it to. Its a compromise.

What are you willing to sacrifice to see your goals unfold they way you wanted them to?

Black Gir In Om – Loving Inspire of Trauma (this is a good one too)


Being able to fully relate to this episode I realized how many of us actually have trauma filled relationship dynamics.  Listen here 

Mental Wellness Takeaway : There is still love out there despite all the wrong. Fully reflect on how you can learn from your mistakes in a relationship and apply them to the next.

Is there anything you know you can do differently next time for you?

As always shed layer, give light, feel peace.


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