Get Your Life : Stop Waiting For The New Year

New Year resolutions are such a big thing for people and this year I find my realizing how crazy it all is. We all sit around and wait until December rolls around to make goals that impact our lives so heavily and most of us have never stuck with them, or even started. Change is hard but you have to want it and as bad as you want to breathe.

I’ve made numerous attempts at making that list, its even a tradition for my family. I always find that when that time comes again I end up placing repeating defenders on this list. Throughout the year it gets harder and harder to follow through with resolutions because you know another is coming soon and you’ll start then.


Just start now. Life doesn’t wait for you and neither does time!  Grab your goals by the horns and run. The real issue really is that we are not always motivated which while understandable not always an reliable excuses. For a long time, my excuse was that I was too tired. When I realized that Beyonce  ( as other just as successful as her) has the option to be tired or perform her whole a** off, it clicked. I need to get in formation (ha I had to do it). But really, unnecessary excuses stop right now.

The three methods below are small yet affective ways to get you going.

  1. Keep your goals posted around the places you frequent (my place is my planner)
  2. Reward yourself for each milestone
  3. Don’t give up, simply put

It’s just that simple. Yes you are in for a challenge but isn’t that life? You are the determining factor for accomplishing your goals, allow your universe to guide you in the right direction and just keep pushing.

What are you willing to start now? 

As always shed layers, give light, feel free



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