Decoded: You’re So Talented Chapter 1

Sometimes there are examples right under our noses about that time you should’ve/could’ve gave yourself some self love. I have this weird obsession where I find shows that I relate to and try to insert myself in the character’s shoes so that I won’t ever miss those times. Welcome to Decoded. The first series up to break down is You’re So Talented. 


There’s this term “slash generation” and how those apart of this generation tend to possess many talents. The problem this day is that we take on too many talents and never really get a single one set in stone. We also take on these talents because we need to stay afloat and being a jack of all trades is whats winning apparently through social media. This is why I immediately connected with “You’re So Talented”. This web series is the epitome of how it’s like to be an artist now trying to come to terms with what is the world around you. You’ll meet Bea  who is a Chicago artist who I instantly fall in love with because I understand.

Decoded: Our hearts break like Bea’s

It takes a strong woman who just had her heart broken during intermission, to go back on. I heard Kat Perry got wind of her break up with Russell Brand right before going a stage during her tour, and had an amazing show. The show must still go on when you’re an artist and us artist like to use that pain as ammo for the next meaningful piece.

Wellness Takeaway: Its okay to hurt, its perfectly okay to acknowledge your hurt. 

Tune in next week for Ep. 2!

As always shed layers, give light, feel peace.




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