Listen The Heck Up! : My Favorite Podcasts For Wellness (UPDATE)

I recently decided to rid television from my life. No shade to pop culture but it got to be a bit too much for me. I found myself deeply rooted in nonsense that only hurt to watch. I no longer found it interesting, and after while no loner funny. While I still indulge in some tv shows (because blackness is beautiful right now) and an occasional Netflix scroll, I’ve been really into podcasts. They’ve made my commutes more enjoyable and I’m learning more about wellness at a faster pace.


The Friend Zone. Coming from someone who doesn’t really have friends, listening to this podcast makes me feel like I do once a week. The trio Fran, Assante, & Dustin Ross are the epitome of what this generation should be accustomed to calling #squadgoals. You’re in for laughter, hip rolling (cue Dustin) wellness advice and lots of gem dropping knowledge. Binge listen and thank me later.

Favorite episodes: The Slash Generation &   A Toast to Loyalty


BGIO (Black Girl In Om)Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah are just pure souls who have created a platform that focus on engaging black women in wellness, specifically yoga. I will definitely say its so refreshing to connect to  a cause I know all too well. Grab some tea, good vibes, and be ready to find inner peace.

Favorite episodes: Manifestation & Mantras &  10 Things We Know for Sure

Literally listen to this episode whenever you need it. I decided to start every month off with this episode.

460_10265213#MyTaughtYou. Myleik Teel is just lady boss in so may ways it make no sense. She is like the friend you call up for advice about a sticky situation. But you call on said person because you know they will keep it 100 with you. The voice of reason (get your s#%@ together) is pounding on your door in every episode.  Teel is insightful and enjoys being what she didn’t have while learning to others, help!

Favorite episode: You Pursue Your Dreams w/ Reckless Abandon

ctdqo-nxyaaabvaShe’s Beauty & The Beast. Tracy G is just super cute! She’s a journalist on the radio show Sway In The Morning but more importantly, homegirl gets me together with her audio vision boards. I can’t for her show to really take off. The friendship she has with her best friend is stinking adorable, and I secretly wish she ran in my circle. Thank me later for this one.

Favorite episodes: Literally her entire run so far! I just couldn’t choose. Its just that good to me.


Optimal Living Daily. Justin Malik has put a spin on his version a podcast. Listening to to him is sot of like an audio journal since he scopes out quick content like essays and articles or even blog posts to. Topics ranging from productivity, lifestyle changes, and personal development helps start off my morning routine!

Keep checking back as I keep adding on to the list! What are some podcasts I should be listening to?


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